Morena Moves

I sat down to talk with Isis Avalos who is an amazing dancer, performer and teacher. We recorded outdoors in front of a couple of very Chicano, very indigenous murals outside of La Etrella Mini Market in East Denton, Texas. She currently lives in LA and so when I found out she would be at UNT for a couple day teaching some dance classes at her alma mater, I decided to reach out and both record this podcast and a short video portrait of her. We talked about her start in dance, growing up undocumented, colorism in the Mexican community and how she embraced being a “morena" through her indigenous lineage; which also influences the way she moves.

She takes it upon herself to spread her knowledge of history and culture as a performer and teacher of dance - so that her ancestor's contributions (to dance and the world in general) may be acknowledged and never forgotten as they most commonly are.

You can follow Isis @mestizamovement (formerly @morenamoves)

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A Conversation At GASP

On this episode I sat down to talk with Bryan Perez, a long time friend of mine who I grew up skateboarding with. We recorded outdoors at an open lot of land in our Fort Worth neighborhood that was once home to a DIY skatepark that skaters from out hood and visitors from all over the DFW area used to inhabit. We reminisced about our past times in skateboarding, we talked about our experiences with depression, anxiety, Bryan opened up about his battle with cancer last year, we discussed our parents lives after immigrating to the US, raising us to adulthood and we explored the questions of what’s next for them and what’s next for us? 

You can follow Bryan @bp_visuals

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Filmmaking from Dallas to Chicago to LA (with Parker Foster)

On this episode I sat down to talk filmmaking with Cinematographer Parker Foster. We talked about his start in filmmaking, moving from Dallas to Chicago, dropping out of film school to pursue his career as a  full time music video cinematographer, making his next move to LA and coming back to Dallas for a week to shoot a short film.

I think any young or aspiring filmmaker will get a lot out of this one because - despite coming from different backgrounds and taking different paths in our filmmaking journey (with or without film school) both Parker and I continue to move forward with our careers successfully. It goes to show that there is not one solidified path to becoming a working filmmaker in this growing industry. 

You can follow Parker @visualszn

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Look At All These Trees (with Alsace Carcione)

I sat down with hip hop artist Alsace Carcione to talk about the process of completing her new album titled “New Normal”. It's set to be released on April 20th, along with a music video (which I had the pleasure of directing) and she’ll be having her album release show that same evening at Club Dada in Deep Ellum. 

In our conversation, she shared her thoughts and experiences on finding her ‘New Normal’ after losing her Mother and Grandmother, becoming more vulnerable in her music, being honest and real as a person, we discuss the music video we created for her song “Born Legend”, her experience as a female in Hip-Hop and the importance of artists supporting one another alike.

You can follow her @thealsace and listen to her music at

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