Episode 8: Celebrating Latino Culture and Film

I invited Lance De Los Santos and Gabriel Duran to talk filmmaking and their 2nd annual Festival De Cine Latino America (FDCLA) - which is a Latino film festival taking place February 23rd through February 25th at the University of North Texas in Denton.

In our talk, we discussed Latino representation, bringing actors like Jesse Borrego from films like Blood in Blood Out (1993) and Fame (1980) to be recognized at the festival, using the festival as a platform for Latin American filmmakers to screen their work in the US, celebrating culture, having a writing master class with Edui Tijerina who wrote Cantinflas (2014), bringing a Cantinflas tribute act out to perform and using this festival as a networking opportunity for student filmmakers to connect and get inspired.

Please check out FDCLA.org for more information and follow them on Facebook.

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Episode 7: Lil Skate Homie

In this episode I share what I wish I knew as a young skateboarder.I talk about alternatives to becoming a pro skater that still allow us to continue being a part of skateboarding as we get older. I share the story of how I became a sponsored skater and how others could do the same. Ultimately, I'm talking directly to the lil homies and want to let them know that they can skateboard forever regardless if they never get sponsored or go pro.

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Episode 6: Post-College Syndrome

In this episode, I talk about making the best out of the college experience and what I did to minimize my experience with post-college syndrome, which could be summarized with feeling lost, misguided, unfulfilled and clueless about what the next step in your life is after you graduate.

I talk about appreciating the social aspect of school over the textbook formality, socializing with people alike and polar opposite, the importance of networking, how I ensured I would have work after graduation, practical advice on how to reach out for work and how I was able to hire myself when no one would.

I hope that this will help future and current students in school make the best of their experience and further prepare themselves to graduate and continue moving forward. Of course, I was film major so this applies more specifically to film students but I believe every student can get something out of this.

The most practical advice (especially for film majors) starts at 36:00 if you'd like to skip ahead.

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In this segment I talk about the social expectancies of graduating high school, going to college, work, love, having children, marriage, skateboarding and masculinity. All of which have sat in my mind at one time or another but I've learned that they only matter if I decide they do, not because of social and societal pressures. I jump around all of these topics through the initial story ("words of wisdom") I share about the first time I consciously thought about going to college and what I did to ensure I was going to go.

The ultimate goal of this segment was to talk to the younger me or the current young, Chicano, skater kid in high school, in the hood who’s trying to navigate through the social pressures of life as a young boy trying to find himself or figure out what the next step is. And let them know, that it’s gonna be alright but don’t let outside pressures determine the course of your life. Listen to my stories, my failures, my small tastes success and learn from them, because I was like you. I am like you.

Another thing to note, this segment was an experiment. I recorded this on the road because sometimes I get so busy and driving becomes downtime for me to listen to podcast, new music, make phone calls and what not. So I decided to use the drive as an opportunity to record a podcast. Also, this segment was more of a rant. So be prepared, because I wasn't. 

The audio quality is questionable but I'm going to look into finding a better method of capturing cleaner audio on the next car ride.

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Episode 4: Vulnerable AF!

You can follow her @amandanreyes and view her work at amandanicolereyesfilm.com

I sit down and talk with Amanda Reyes, a filmmaker and actress originally from Denton, TX but currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She shares her experiences growing up as a 2nd generation Chicana, moving to California and New York to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress and director, how she uses her films to share stories about her personal experiences coming from an inmate family and we get behind the scenes info on how she nailed one of her first big directors role on a TV pilot, a process that involved staying true to herself and her values as a Woman and POC.

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