Episode 6: Post-College Syndrome

In this episode, I talk about making the best out of the college experience and what I did to minimize my experience with post-college syndrome, which could be summarized with feeling lost, misguided, unfulfilled and clueless about what the next step in your life is after you graduate.

I talk about appreciating the social aspect of school over the textbook formality, socializing with people alike and polar opposite, the importance of networking, how I ensured I would have work after graduation, practical advice on how to reach out for work and how I was able to hire myself when no one would.

I hope that this will help future and current students in school make the best of their experience and further prepare themselves to graduate and continue moving forward. Of course, I was film major so this applies more specifically to film students but I believe every student can get something out of this.

The most practical advice (especially for film majors) starts at 36:00 if you'd like to skip ahead.

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