Morena Moves

I sat down to talk with Isis Avalos who is an amazing dancer, performer and teacher. We recorded outdoors in front of a couple of very Chicano, very indigenous murals outside of La Etrella Mini Market in East Denton, Texas. She currently lives in LA and so when I found out she would be at UNT for a couple day teaching some dance classes at her alma mater, I decided to reach out and both record this podcast and a short video portrait of her. We talked about her start in dance, growing up undocumented, colorism in the Mexican community and how she embraced being a “morena" through her indigenous lineage; which also influences the way she moves.

She takes it upon herself to spread her knowledge of history and culture as a performer and teacher of dance - so that her ancestor's contributions (to dance and the world in general) may be acknowledged and never forgotten as they most commonly are.

You can follow Isis @mestizamovement (formerly @morenamoves)

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