I appreciate each and every single person willing to give my podcast a listen but as much as I love sharing my truth, I believe each and every person's story matters. So please allow me to help give you a platform to share your story, to share some insight into your failures and successes; the big and the small.

With that said, as of right now (Dec 2017 as I write) this is still a side project of mine that I will continue to pursue in the midst of my busy career. I can't promise that everyone who submits a form will get an immediate opportunity to become a guest but please bare with me as I juggle life, mind, body, health, work, family, scheduling, recording and putting these out there. Thanks in advance.

- German

Please fill out and submit the form below if you are interested in becoming a guest or would like to request a specific person on my podcast. 

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Your name or your requested guest.
You don't have to be specific but I'd like to know where you (or your requested guest) are currently living and where you are originally from.
This is important. This will shape the direction of our podcast segment and will help me prepare. You don't have to write an entire essay (but you could). I would at least like to know a little bit about where you grew up and what challenges and struggles you have faced in your life thus far. Are you in school? Where did you graduate from? Are you an artist? Are you aspiring to be something? If you've accomplished anything you're remotely proud of, I want to know. If you have something to say or share that isn't usually talked about in traditional media outlets, I want to hear about it.
If you know there is something special or specific you (or your requested guest) just need(s) to talk about and share, please let me know.
If it's important that our podcast segment be recorded and publicized before or on a specific date, please let me know. This is for anyone who would like use our talk on a timely matter to speak on a current issue or to share/promote their new music, film, book, art, etc.