TABLA skate Jam at Marine Skatepark in Fort Worth, TX

6-24-17          4pm - 8pm  


What to expect?

  • There will be a $2 TABLA raffle for the general public (cash only, one entry per person) so bring that pocket change.
  • Younger skaters will given a chance to break a Piñata (maybe it has candy, maybe it doesn't).
  • TABLAs will be sold for $32 with free Jessup griptape. Cash and Card are accepted.
  • There will be a "RUN-JAM" contest (for participants of all ages).  
  • To participate in the contest, you must register at the bottom of this page. If you don't register online before Saturday (6-24-17) you won't be given a wristband to skate the "RUN-JAM" contest.
  • If you are a registered to skate the contest, please sign in and get your wristband at our table as soon as you arrive.



  • Registered skaters sign in and get their wristband.
  • Free skate for everyone and practice for contest participants.
  • $2 TABLA raffle collections begin.
  • TABLAs are open for sale.


  • Skate Contest begins.


  • Skate Contest winners are announced.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are announced and awarded their prizes.


  • TABLA raffle winner announced.
  • Piñata gets smashed.


  • Skate Jam wrap up.

    Potential Qualifiers

    Depending on the number of registered skaters for the "RUN-JAM", we may have a "QUALIFIER" heat to condense the number of people in the finals.

Run-jam format 

During the 1st heat, you will be given two, 1 minute tries to put together your best "RUN". The objective in Runs Format is basically to put together the best line and strung together tricks on the course. In this format, bails affect your final score, so you have to make sure you try tricks that you're a little more consistent with. You have less flexibility going for the bangers here because more than a couple of bails in a run results in a fairly bad score. Your best run will be the one that counts towards your final score.

One common approach we see in the Runs Format  is to get your whole run on lock and then try to cap it off with a banger.

In Summary for Runs Format:

  • You skate by yourself for one minute (two times)
  • You're trying to put together a full line and run of tricks without bailing.
  • Because bails matter, it's riskier to try harder tricks.
  • Many people save their hardest trick in their run as the last trick they do.

The 2nd and final heat of the contest will be based on a "JAM" session between you and 3 other skaters for 4 minutes. The main benefit in a Jams format contest is that you have more freedom to try harder tricks because bails don't matter. The tricks you make are what gets scored. You still need to find the balance between trying tricks too hard vs tricks you're more consistent at, but in Jams, you can push it up to harder tricks because you have room for bails.

One common problem we see in Jams is someone getting stuck trying a single trick too many times. If you're trying a hard trick, give it a max of three tries before you move on and try to get some other tricks in. Otherwise, you risk using up too much of your Jam time on one hard trick that you may or may not land.

In Summary for Jams Format:

  • You skate with 3 other skaters at the same time (making it 4 skaters in total) for 4 minutes.
  • Bails don't really matter in Jams Format.
  • Because bails don't matter, you have the flexibility to try harder tricks, however, don't get stuck spending too many tries on a single trick.
  • You have more time to skate in a Jams vs Runs Format.

An announcer will call your name and keep track of each run with a timer. The announcer will also call your name to make sure you are ready to start your run and give you a "last 10 seconds" alert towards the end of your run.

Ultimately, judges will be keeping scores and decide the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. 

Judging Criteria 

0 - 100 score scale points awarded based on Difficulty, Style, Consistency, Use of Course, Variety, Originality, Overall impression, and the Best score counts.


1st Place: a TABLA and $20 cash

2nd Place: a TABLA

3rd Place: $20 cash.